Schizophrenia is a serious psychiatric illness. Along with patient family also suffers.
Starts by 25 years and persists in most of cases for life long.
It’s present in 1% of population , equally in male and females.
More common with other family members suffering from it .

No lab test is required for making diagnosis.
Its diagnosis is entirely based on symptoms given below and these should be present for more than one to six months depending on the criterias.

Characterized by suspiciousness ,false beliefs, hearing of voices ,odd behaviour , it requires long term treatment and family support
Suspiciousness on his or her own family members colleagues or friends.

DELUSIONS (False thinking )
Patient has odd thinking, illogical and despite family repeated reassurance person is not convinced he or she holds belief firm despite evidence not .Supporting their theory. There way of thinking is completely illogical and irrational family is really disturbed and frustrated.

Delusion of reference
Patient has odd beliefs like people are talking about me, laughing on me, coughing of sneezing on seeing me.
Delusion of persecution
Patient has odd beliefs like people are conspiring about me goes on to say that people are keeping watch on me,at times they believe theyare under cctv surveillance. At times my patients have complained that while they take bath someone might make recording of it , while on road they turn back and check if some is behind them or even family has conspired and police is after them to arrest or harass them. Someone is mixing something in the food he or she may refuse to eat at home or make own food.
Delusion of Grandeur
Patient believes that they have special power , knowledge, money or even claim to be God at times.

Another common complaint is person talks to herself or himself to family. It seems as if talking to someone to some imaginary person which they cannot see at time patient is smart enough to keep hand over his or her face or do it when alone if caught by his or family members person.
Aggressive, abusive , violent ,reserved or guarded.
Laughing to self, without reason , talking to self , making silly faces
not speaking at all , standing in one position for long periods, staring at one spot
50% to 30% attempt and 10%-15% die
There is no clear cut causes as yet there are multiple theory
Dopamine is neurochemical is increased in mind of patients
Excessive pruning of synapses
Expressed emotions, parents who are very critical , hostile and over emotional increases number of relapse
Patients memory and mental abilities are normal so many times family believes that it may due to supernatural powers or someone has done black magic or made something to eat that is causing these symptoms which not true it is a psychiatric illness requires treatment with which patient will improve.
20% to 30% live a normal life
20% to 30% live a continue to have symptoms despite treatment
40% to 60 % remain non productive or not able to work or not able to maintain their marriages.

Medication is the main treatment.
Psychotherapy also helps to patient, to family to understand about illness and how to behave with patient
Patient improve within 4-6 weeks though they have to take medication for at least one year for first episode
If repeated episodes than treatment is lifelong.